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Kotare Subtropicals

Bananas, Pineapples and Other Fruiting Subtropicals

We are a wholesale nursery supplying edible and ornamental bananas, pineapples and other subtropical fruiting plants including abiu, jackfruit, rollinia, American pawpaw and starfruit. Download our full spring 2023 plant catalogue by clicking the button below.

Now is the ideal time to be planting subtropicals. Here are our spring specials extended until 15 December 2023. The per plant prices are GST exclusive.

  • Sugar cane small                          $10

  • Sugar cane medium                     $15

  • Dragon fruit small (red and white varieties)     $20

  • Vanilla passionfruit medium       $35

  • Red pineapple large                      $45

  • Queen pineapple large                 $75

  • Lucuma small                                 $55

  • Banana - Misi Luki, Pome Brazilian, Patasina extra large          $35

  • Banana - Cavendish large              $40

  • Banana - Cavendish medium         $35

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