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Plants for Sale

For pricing details please download our full spring 2023 catalogue here. Then go to the Contact page to send through your order.


All prices exclude GST and freight. Orders of 100 plants or more will receive a 25% discount.

Bananas - Edible Lady Finger Type

These lady finger bananas are widely grown in New Zealand, especially Misi Luki. It is strongly recommended that you only plant bananas outdoors during the warmer months, preferably from November through to February.

Varieties available: Misi luki, Lemon ladyfinger, Rajapuri, Ae Ae, Ladyfinger, Hamoa, Ducasse (Pisang Awak), Improved Australian Ladyfinger (Pacha Nadan), Tonga, Pome, Mysore, Plantain Saba, Blue Java, Patasina and Samoan Large.

Bananas - Edible Hybrids

These are varieties which have been bred for high disease resistance and exceptional taste. They include Honduran varieties and Australian hybrids.

Varieties: Goldfinger, Mona Lisa, High Noon and Bonanza.

Bananas - Edible Cavendish Type

Cavendish type bananas are popular world wide and most likely found in your shopping trolley.

Varieties include: Cavendish, Williams, Mahoi, Grande Naine and Cavendish Dwarf.

Bananas - Ornamental

Ornamental bananas look great in your garden.

Varieties: Musa sikkimensis, Musa coccinea, Musa zebrina, Musa mannii, Musa velutina and Musa ornata.


Pineapples add a tropical look to your garden and provide fruit!

The varieties we stock: Queen, Red and Cayenne. Due to high demand we may need to put you on back order for your preferred plant.

Banana Bunch Covers

Protect your bananas from pests and from sun damage.

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